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#314331 - Clara the voice whispered again 1am from a 12am lie down she looked to her front window to where she had seen the figure before she seen the figure again this time it was closer about 100m out this time she almost shivered to the fact some creep was watching her like that every night why won't they take a fuck to themselves she said as she peered out her window her green eyes glinted off the moonlight that hit her window she was a bit creeped out now. Wittiker left too ,he was in his 20's ,he was hot and enjoyed a drink ,but Clara thought he was a strange man as he had a large collection of plastic models to which he kept in his front window 40k he called it but Clara was sure they were expensive hunks of plastic (writer intervening: don't actually dislike 40k). Which just so happened to be her favorite time of the day.

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