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#370859 - The large masked man who knocked her out is sitting on a chair infront of her and he says Don't waste your energy trying to get away, the only way to get out of those cuffs is with a key he shows her the key and then puts it in his pocket and he says You have been a very, very bad girl and now it's time to be punished for your sins . Several days later Cindy receives a letter in the mail that reads : I wonder what would happen if your father knew he fucked his own daughter? If you do everything I say then I can make sure your daddy will never find out. When the dvd ends Jim hands him the dvd and he says She's all yours buddy, with this dvd you can blackmail her into doing whatever you want and I'll make sure that from a legal standpoint your 100% bulletproof Robert takes the dvd, hugs his best friend Jim and says Thanks brother, your truely are my best friend .

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Kaede fuyou
Did he ever sign that petition