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#418435 - grabbing you by the hair i pull you up where you think your going” yankees2girl: i yell as you pull my hair and i try to stand up please bro i don’t want to go anymore fucinhigh08: holding your hair i push you back on your knees i don’t give a fuck if you do or not. i’m still red as can be as i choke on my brother’s huge cock fucinhigh08: as i’m holding your head deep rubbing you your face back and forth on my stomach i cum out of nowhere shooting a huge load straight down your throat as your already gagging yankees2girl: i choke on your cum and a lot of it drools down the side of my throat on my chin and tits i can barely breath as i feel your cum slide down my throat fucinhigh08: as you choke hard on my cum i shoot the last squirt and pull out my cock and push you on the floor as cum and spit drips everywhere yankees2girl: i fall back breathing hard as i swallow what’s left in my mouth licking my lips to stop more from dribbling out fucinhigh08: i stroke my c

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