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#154911 - Of course this being Sam and I we got our Vodka and Tequila and mixers…but my dad brought out some Bacardi 151 silver, some wine coolers and 2 decks of playing cards, he knew we liked to play poker for shots and then when the alcohol was gone we’d play strip poker! When we got back to Sam’s house her mom said that Perry had been asking about me, Perry was a high school drop out but he was so hot and only two years older than I was. Sam and I went to McDonalds to see her mom who was a manager, it was 2:30 pm and we needed some money for my dad to buy us some Vodka and some Tequila along with some mixes.

Read Mexicano 発情期の椛ちゃんに襲われた時の 対処法 - Touhou project Realitykings 発情期の椛ちゃんに襲われた時の 対処法

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