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#153923 - Mikayla: it was ok Mikayla: how has tyler been? Luna: That's good. but i just want to do this part of what he hired me to do Luna: -blushes- Why does he want this? Mikayla: well lets just say, you hurt him and he hasn't forgotten *whips you again this time on your pussy* Luna: -cringes- Mikayla: *you see me pull my robe off and you see a huge strap on fall out Luna: -whimpers as I see it- I-it's too big ( about 16 1/2 inches long and about 5 inches around) Luna: -tries to close my legs- Mikayla: im sorry Luna *i pull a switch and it spreads your legs apart as i position myself between your legs* Luna: N-no! -squirms- Mikayla: *in one quick thrust i shove 10 inches in* Luna: -screams as it stretches me feeling my pussy grip it- Stop! Luna: Please let me go! Mikayla: i cant luna *i pull out and slam in again, this time reaching 13 inches in* Luna: -whimpers as I moan blushing asI get wetter- Mikayla: *i look at you and

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