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#386425 - I was immediately fascinated with the collection, and asked Mistress to teach me all about swords, and the cultures that created them. As I held my position with my legs pressed up against Mistress’ legs, and felt her wiggle her hips, I knew it was time to do what she wanted, and slowly pulled the rubber prick out of her asshole, in preparation to push it back in again. If I was lucky, she would still be where they were, and hopefully would stay there until I could save up enough money and try to convince her owner to sell her to Mistress.

Read Emo Gay ○学校の担任の先生に催眠とか時間停止とか透明人間とかいろいろ - Original People Having Sex ○学校の担任の先生に催眠とか時間停止とか透明人間とかいろいろ

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