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#87101 - I left her on the table and pulled up my trousers and said “Clean up!” I quietly left her. In school there’s one under cover lesbian and she and my sister both hate each other but pretend they are friends, I laughed to myself, I will make both of them my bitches. I smiled and said a little cruelly “Do not move!” I took the dildo out of my pocket and a walked to the kitchen to get vegetable oil and walked back to her, I slowly pulled down her trousers and panties and poured the oil into her butt hole, she cringed and began begging me “Please don’t do this, I swear I won’t bully you any more and I’ll do whatever you want!” I laughed and slowly inserted my finger and began moving it in and out not caring about her cries of pain, I inserted another finger and did it faster, I then slowly extended her butt cheeks and pushed then dildo in, she held her scream, I smiled and made sure the dildo was all the way in before pulling her panties back up and her trousers and un tying her a

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Aki yamato
This is bullshit how can you be using one condom for them
Princess peach
Thank you
Natalie brooks