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#9727 - He was always trying to get me to go on a diet to lose some kilo's. He looks down at my pussy, mesmerized, and I'm vaguely aware of him stroking himself inside his shorts as he plays with me! I'm even more turned on by this and without realizing it, I'm cupping my breasts with both hands, stroking my nipples, feeling how hard they are and loving it!! I've never been bold like this before and my shyness has completely evaporated, making me feel even sexier! His fingers are expertly stroking my clit, and my hips move against them! I'm unashamedly grinding my hips against his fingers, moaning, saying his name, singing him praise! The sight of me playing with my breasts and the sounds I'm making, seem to drive him even wilder and then, groaning huskily, he takes his tongue, parts my lips with his fingers and begins to slide it up and down my clit! Oh my God! I lean heavily against the wall because I feel as if my legs are giving way, it's shaking so much! I close my eyes for a secon

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