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#388537 - “oh yes Mommy me and Poppy talked and showed me things and I behaved myself”. When they come home her mother lets them play in the vacant lot next to my place, it is the local park with swings, slippery dip, merry-go-round and a place to play basket ball which I like very much to watch, as when the little girls jump up their dressers fly up and I can see their little panties. When I answered the Frontdoor June was standing there with a smile on her face and said “ How are you Poppy, you don’t mind if I call you Poppy do you as you can be my Poppy also as you look a bit like my Daddy and I hope you are like him as he looked after me when I was a Little Girl, and how were the little girls” They came into the lounge room as we did “ They were very good ,Sally went to her room to study and Mary was with me watching T.

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