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#326796 - He nodded with a wry smile on his face when he caught sight of me coming down the stairs, Seems a shame I have to gou out he said with a smile Aren't they picking you up? I asked No, I will meet them in a bar in town, see you later he replied, leaving me with a peck on the cheek. He dealt another round, he lost this time and stood up, please don't I thought as I saw his hand begin to ease down his boxers, he was built like his father, maybe even a little bigger, I could not believe how these 2 could be so well endowed yet so skinny. You can touch it if you like but surely it's nothing knew, surely your husband satisfies you too he said No, much smaller I whispered under my breath, thinking he didn't hear me He grew a little more, now around 7 1/2 inches I don't mind if you just want to feel it he said as he moved a little closer As I looked up he bent down and grabbed my hand, placing it on his cock, I gulped, I didn't know wha

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