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#104770 - That s all I had to say; as I got up off the sectional, Mike pulled firmly on my thong, and off it came; I stood there, naked as the day I was born, except for the bra top dangling loosely around my waist; I ignored it and instructed Mike to stand up; I yanked his shorts down, then gently bit his big tool through his trunks; he groaned and I untied the drawstring and quickly pulled his trunks down; his big dick sprang free and I began sucking it greedily while playing with his balls; Mike groaned loudly as his cock throbbed a couple of times and he came in my mouth a bit; I swallowed eagerly then started taking his length; I almost choked, but it was just TOO good and oh, SO naughty. well, I want us to be lovers.

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