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#163606 - We must have drifted off to sleep as Lyn woke me as she got into bed, I made a bee line for her pussy, eating her out and taking Johns cum from her, she told me he blew three loads in her tonight,, after she told him about the black guys, turns out he wants to see a girl with two black cocks in her, and more surprising she told him to come along Saturday night. As the girls talked I took time to clean my butt, then Lyn did the same, Kerry at first didn't seem to catch on, but then made her excuses and cleaned her butt, the day was set for more anal fun, Kerry now standing in front of us, rubbing her clit with two fingers in her ass, soon made herself cum, Lyn slipped her fingers in Kerry's pussy and got her to cum again. it was now time, I told Lyn to let Kerry have a sniff of the poppers, we had kept them nearby, once she tried them Kerry's anus went loose, her head spinning, that was where I needed her to be as my fingers the knuckles slipped in, she looked bac

Read Bus Kagehinata no Hikage Stranger Kagehinata no Hikage

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