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#146115 - She went down the stairs and saw her dad, blushing as he stared at her and she saw a bulge growing in his pants, he snapped a picture of her walking down the stairs well I'm glad I got you that chastity belt, because with your slutty tendencies and the way you look your gonna need it tonight he said making her wince, but she just nodded, her date rang the door bell and her dad answered and let him in, snapping some pictures of them together. after a few moments he pulled out of her mouth and stroked her face lovingly, then moving down and stroking her breasts, moving over her stomach, making Kelli giggle and squirm wildly when he kissed her belly button, when he nipped and licked at her button she bucked, laughing daddy your tickling me! he smiled and began to tickle her more purposefully, his hands pinning her down as she squirmed and squealed, his tongue dipped into her belly button making her moan and laugh at the same time, caught between the pleasure and being tick

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