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#66676 - Debbie let out a hissing sound as my full length filled her arse she tried to speak but the vibrating egg was still working its magic & she doubled up into a tight ball as yet another orgasm was teased from her young body Whether she was aware it was me in her arse & not the butt plug i could not tell or for that matter really care , all my attention was now focused on my cock in its tight embrace , I kept as still as was possible letting Debbie's twitching writhing body do all the work , This was by far the tightest orifice my cock had ever been inside , The muscle walls of Debbies arse gripped my swollen shaft as she twisted & convulsed in orgasmic bliss, That urgent feeling was building in my balls , knowing i would not last must longer i pulled nearly all the way out reaching round under Debbies arse i pulled the eggs free from her cunt immediately slammed my cock back inside her butthole , it must have reached way high up into her bowels but there was nothing she

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